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below you will find the pre-registration form to be completed for taking part in Radici del Sud 2023, which will take place in Sannicandro di Bari from June 8 to 12, 2023.

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Persons accompanying invited journalists or importers are not included in any offer of the program, which is addressed exclusively to the guests invited by the organization. This form is valid only for one journalist/operator. Registration is valid only if it has been confirmed by email - The submission of this form implies the acceptance of the Radici del Sud 2023 program. Operators and journalists will be engaged in all scheduled activities from June 8 to 12. It is not possible to take part in other activities not planned by the organization. The blind tasting (for journalists) sessions of the wine competition will be held in three sessions: June 10 (9.15am - 1.00pm) - June 10 (3pm - 6.30pm) / June 11 (9.15am - 1.00pm). BtoB meetings for distributors and producers of wine and oil will be held in four sessions: June 10 (9.15am - 1.15pm) - June 10 (3pm - 7.00pm) / June 11 (9.15am - 1.15pm) - June 11 (3pm - 7.00pm). During your stay, from June 8 to June 12, meetings, tours and initiatives not included in the event's organizational program are not permitted. Flight Ticket Policy. the Regional Tourism Agency, which issues flight tickets, provides for the issue only for the period of the event: June 8th-13th. If you want t to extend or anticipate your stay in Italy or abroad you will have to pay for the flight ticket on your own.

Consent form

The use and publication by the ProPapilla Association of your name in connection with the event "Radici del Sud 2023" which will take place from June 8 al 12, 2023. - The use, reproduction and publication by any technical means of the images taken by the ProPapilla Association on June 8-12, 2023 during the "Radici del Sud 2023" event. The name may be used in the world and in all areas of communications and publications related to the event "Radici del Sud 2023". The photos can be used in the world and in all areas (exhibitions, internet, advertising, publishing, press). It also prohibits the use of the name and photos in all cases involving the honor, reputation and dignity of his person. The original images (digital files and/or film negatives) are the property of the photographer. The use of the name and photos is to be considered free of charge. This authorization has no expiration date.